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Game: Odin's Pyre

Ran by: Christine Rigby.


A dark ages skirmish based on the Shadespire rules system with a few tweaks.


Game: Bolt Action - Modern

Ran by: Yorkshire Renegades.


Operation Stingray.A mixed group of Special Forces are raiding a North African port which has been taken over by insurgents. Each team has it's own objectives, secure hostages, secure weapons, collect Intel etc. The board will consist of a port with container ship and village

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Game: Adeptus Titanicus

Ran by: Boards & Swords Hobbies


Game: Cupcake Wars

Ran by: Cozzmic Cakes


Game: Napoleonic Battle

Ran by: Dales Wargames Club

Game: Blood & Plunder

Ran by: Leicester Phat Cats


Blood & Plunder is a 28 mm historical miniatures war game set in the 17th century during the golden age of piracy . The game is played out on a tabletop using custom terrain and 28 mm miniature figures and ships.


Game: A Very British Civil War

Ran by: Leicester Phat Cats


Inter-War period covers the period between the two World Wars (1918 -1939), but its main focus is the imaginary Very British Civil War (VBCW), set in 1938. ... Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists is invited to become Prime Minister.


Game: Burrows & Badgers

Ran by: Yorkshire Renegades.


Burrows & Badgers is a tabletop skirmish game set in the ancient realm of Northymbra, a kingdom where mice, badgers, toads and other animals wear armour, wield swords, and cast magic spells.

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Game: Age of Sigmar

Ran by: Wargames Armoury



Game: Taiyo Dynasties

Ran by: Yalexander Atkinson.


A Japanese Anthropomorphic miniature wargame


Game: The Walking Dead

Ran by: Graham




Game: Guild Ball

Ran by: Mathew Knight




Ran by: Ministry of Buildings


20mm Sci-fi combat.



Game: Fractured Stars


Ran by: Damon Brentnall


Great Northern war, The battle for Pechory Monastery 1701, Russians v Swedes Beneath the Lily Banners ruleset.



Game: Great Northern War


Ran by: Alex Handley





Game: Cold War - Armoured Assault