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Odin's Pyre

Game Host: Disturbed Earth Games


Odin's Pyre is a 28mm skirmish game set in the dark ages of England. A small warband of Viking warriors led by Arild Gunnarson raid a small settlement near the east coast of England. The local Jarl Wulfred hurriedly gathers those men he can and even the pious Brother Cuthberh dons his armour once more to face off against the fearsome invaders.

Sicily 1943

Game Host: Derby Wargames Society


WW2 Commonwealth v Axis in Sicily 1943 28mm with the Bolt Action rules.

Discworld Witch Racing

Game Host: Grantham Strategy & Gaming Club


Witches on broomsticks Racing around a model of the unseen university from the Discworld novels.

Aces & Eights

Game Host: BITS (British Isles Traveller Support)


The game is a sci fi 15mm miniatures game using Stargrunt 2 rules. The setting is the Official Traveller Universe and the game takes place on a back water world that has hired a company of Hi Tec mercenaries ( the Aces and Eights) to help suppress a local insurgency. Their mission is to capture any insurgents in the village and destroy some supply dumps. However, the intelligence is faulty and there is a significant force of guerrillas present. So what should have been a routine develops into a significant fire fight.

Solar Storm

Game Host: Dranda Games


A co-op survival board game for 1-4 players. Work together and use resources to repair the ship before the sun kills everyone on board. Have you got what it takes to bring the systems back online, or will you perish in the scorching abyss? 45-60 minutes.

Burrows and Badgers - Stand & Deliver

Game Host: Sleeping Dragon Hobby Shop


Most of Northymbra's transportation is handled by haulage firms, using the road and canal networks. But wagons don't move very fast, and highway robbery is always a risk! A warband is expecting a delivery of some new equiptment, but the rivals are planning to help themselves first!


Game Host: Precint Omega


Samash, crash your opponents balls! They're hillariously discusting and glorously silly - the Ballmionsters are the fantasy sports game to end all fantasy sports games!

Assaye 1803

Game Host: The Boondock Sayntes


Arthur Wellesley's first major command and remarkable victory against the Maharatra confederation.  His aggressive use of Royal and East India Company troops destroyed the backbone of Maharatta opposition and opened the door to British expansion in India.  The game uses an adaptation of the popular Rebels and Patriots rules and features an eclectic mix of figure manufacturers for warfare in the Indian subcontinent.

Battle of Concarneau 1489

Game Host: COBs (Chesterfield old boys)


During the Mad war of 1487-1491 the French army laid seige to the port town of Concarneau, Henry the VII sends and army to help the Brettons fight the French, this our take on the engagement

55 Minutes In Peking

Game Host: Victorious Miniatures


Players are invited to command a group of boxers and attack those nasty foreign devils in the city; the player who inflicts the most casualties on the defenders during the day wins a discount voucher that can be used on their website.

Clash of the Gods

Game Host: Mr. James Morris and Chums


Gods and Mortals rules set. Ideally we'll have two set-up, one definitely Greek, the other can be Greek or we may use Celts. Both will be participation games on 4x4 areas. The centre area will be display materials about the games and forces. We'll have an assortment of forces and run a mixture of full blown OGAM games (lasting 90 mins or so) and "lite" versions which will take around 30mins.


Game Host: Dice Sports




Game Host: Dice Sports




Game Host: Boards & Swords Hobbies

A Song of Ice & Fire

Game Host: Boards & Swords Hobbies

Aeronautica Imperialis

Game Host: Boards & Swords Hobbies

Derby Traders Derby Games Derby Venue


Game Host: Steve Perry


Fun, fast, and refreshingly crazy, players or 'comrades' armed with a hand of M.A.D cards and a syndicate of ruthless wasteland denizens, attempt to vanquish their opponent, survive bizarre encounters and/or capture much needed supplies!