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Confirmed Traders


Atlantis Miniatures

Atlantis produce high quality resin fantasy miniatures of the most astonishing quality and dynamism. With a growing range of dwarves, trolls, orcs and more to choose from, Atlantis are a must-see exhibitor for the discerning miniature collector and painter.


Barwell Bodyworks

Barwell Bodyworks sell a comprehensive range of Badger airbrushes and spare parts as well paint and other supplies. They also offer a series of tutorials on airbrush operation and maintenance at their studio in Barwell, Leicestershire.


Colonel Bills

An established presence at UK shows, Colonel Bills is the not only the official UK show stockist of 4Ground, Crann Tara Miniatures and Heroes of the Dark Age, but also home to both the Depot Battalion range of miniatures. They also sell a broad selection of used miniatures, wargames and books.


Commission Figurines & Firepower Games

Producers of wargames terrain and scenery in a variety of scale, Commission Figurines’ products are made from MDF and are easy to assemble.


Cozzmic Cakes

A popular feature at most of the UK’s wargaming shows, Cozzmic Cakes are purveyors of delicious handmade cakes, biscuits and treats. Tease your tastebuds by visiting their Facebook page.


Crooked Dice Game Design Studio

The UK’s premier manufacturer of miniatures and wargames inspired by cult TV, Crooked Dice bring you miniatures, rules and terrain from a time gone by.


David Lancester Books

Military book specialist David Lanchester returns to CHILLCON this year with his array of quality military publications. These range from rare military books and out of print items, to Osprey books and wargame related titles.


Footsore Miniatures

Established to provide high-quality metal miniatures for gamers and collectors alike, Footsore Miniatures are a truly transatlantic company, manufacturing in both the US and the UK to provide their customers with a more efficient service.


Fox Box

Hailing from Rotherham by way of Edinburgh, Fox Box offer an multifarious mix of goblin and orks, vehicle parts and weapons, accessories and weapons.


Great Escape Games

With wargames such as The Dead Man’s Hand, The Chicago Way, 1914 and more to their name, Great Escape Games produce excellent wargames in a diverse range of genres.


Inked Adventures

Producers of accessories for tabletop roleplaying games, Inked Adventures bring adventurous roleplayers and crafty gamesmasters the very best in dungeons tiles, maps and playing cards.


Glenbrook Painting Service

A professional painter specialising in 25-32mm miniatures, Matt is available for commissions. See his website for at www.glenbrookgames.co.uk to see his beautiful work.


Iron Gate Scenery

A new company selling their own 3D printed scenery, Iron gate Scenery currently produce 28mm fantasy and pirate-themed terrain and 15mm World War II / modern war terrain.


KR Multicase

KR cases, foams and accessories.


Lesley's Bit Box

Another regular on the UK show circuit, Lesley’s Bits Box return to CHILLCON with their broad selection of second hand miniatures


Mantic Games

Producers of affordable wargames and miniatures, Mantic Games are also the home of Kings of War, Deadball, Deadzone and the Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game. We at CHILLCON are thrilled to welcome them back to CHILLCON.


Oathsworn Miniatures

One of the best independent manufacturers in the world, Oathsworn Miniatures should be thanked for bringing us not only the Sensible Shoes line of believable female fantasy adventurers, but also the anthropomorphic awesome that is Burrows and Badgers.


PE2 Collectables

A small family retailer, PE2 Collectables sport an expansive range of new and pre-owned wargames, miniatures and accessories. Whilst they specialise in discounted Warlord products, they also stock goodies from the likes of Armourfast, Perry, Victrix and more!


Pig Iron Productions

Bring variety and individuality to your sci-fi or near-future tabletop games with Pig Iron Productions. From wardroids to tanks, infantry to accessories, Pig Iron have all the generic sci-fi vehicles, accessories and miniatures you need.


Rapier Miniatures

With a singular mix of 28 and 6mm Runequest, fantasy and historical miniatures, Rapier Miniatures are a welcome addition to CHILLCON.


Rubicon Models

With a name and reputation synonymous with high quality, detail and accuracy of scale, Rubicon Models manufacturer the best hard plastic kits on the tabletop and military modeling market.


Saddle-Goose Designs

Producing bespoke dice bags for gamers, Saddle-goose Design sport a growing range of gorgeous dice bags. For that personal touch, however, commissions are available by emailing Deborah at saddlegoosedesigns@gmail.com.


Sarissa Precision

Made by gamers for gamers, Sarissa are the producers of the finest laser cut buildings, bases, movement trays, templates and tokens. With a superb range of astonishing quality and design, it’s no wonder Sarissa are the go-to manufacturers of terrain for the likes of Mantic Games, Warlord Games and War Banner.


Second Thunder

We have independent publisher Carl Brown to thank for Second Thunder, publishers of the versatile, pre-gunpowder miniature skirmish game Open Combat. A popular attendee at most if the U.K.’s tabletop shows, we’re thrilled Carl is back for another bite of the CHILLCON cherry.


The Dice Shop

Officially the world’s largest volume retailer of dice, the Dice Shop make their ChillCon debut with their peerless selection of polyhedral dice.


War Banner

A new star in the wargaming firmament, War Banner are the producers of the smash-hit skirmish game, Gangs of Rome, and the awesome new Warring Clans range of feudal Japanese miniatures.


Check out Gangs of Rome at www.gangsofrome.com, and enjoy a game at CHILLCON on their awesome demo table.


White Dragon Miniatures

Creators of the Shattered Void universe, White Dragon Miniatures produce highly detailed resin miniatures for 15mm gaming, their own space dogfighting tabletop wargame, and their brand new modern warfare line, Courage in Contact.


Word Forge Games

Producers of a growing range of board, card and dice games as well as miniatures, Word Forge’s excellent portfolio also includes the likes of Devil’s Run, Goreball and D-Day Dice.


All Rolled Up

All Rolled Up offers an innovative and compact way to bring your gaming to the table. Not just a dice bag - when you're All Rolled Up you're ready to game without needing to worry about finding all your gaming gear.


Mad-Dad Games

More info coming soon

Products for Wargamers

More info coming soon.

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Templar Wargames Scenery

More information to follow.