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Game: Black Seas

Ran by: Switch Fire Games


Naval warfare set in the Napoleonic era by Warlord Games. At 1/700 scale you can control a fleet of ships from gun boats to 1st rate flag ships. With an interesting game mechanic for who goes and when it really makes the game different from others.

Game: Cupcake Wars

Ran by: Cozzmic Cakes

Game: A Clash of Steal and Feast for Crows

Ran by:  Yorkshire Renegades


A 28mm Hail Caesar Dark Ages game. Vikings and Anglo Danes clash at the River Don. A Viking army under King Harald marches south from Eoferwic into Mercia. At the River Don he finds his path blocked so he must try and force a crossing.

Game: Blucher 6mm

Ran by:  Dales Wargames

Game: 7TV

Ran by:  Dales Wargames

Game: Pig Sticking

Ran by:  Sheffield Wargames Society


Join the Knustonpore Tent Club in this game using 28mm. figures for from two to four players which recreates “the most entertaining, noble, and manly of all sports; the best school for young cavalry officers” (Sir Robert Baden-Powell, Pig-Sticking or Hog-Hunting: A Complete Account for Sportsmen and Others (1889)).

Game: Calais or Bust

Ran by:  Andrew Parkin

Game: Deads Army

Ran by:  Peterborough Wargames Club


Unearthed from the gaslit end of the BBCs archives is a never-aired episode of a much-loved comedy series: come and see if you can help the Home Guard save a sleepy South Coast village from the Germans, led by Leichnamsturmbannführer Skorzeny and hordes of the walking dead.

Game: Bolt Action

Ran by:  Retford Wyverns gaming club

Game: Malifaux

Ran by:  Retford Wyverns gaming club

Game: Warhost: Tabletop Skirmishes in Medieval Times

Ran by:  Andy Hobday


The Lady of Mercia defends a Saxon Village from Viking raiders.

Game: Down in Flames, Locked On

Ran by:  Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club


1/100 modern air combat game using a card driven system.

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