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Game: Odin's Pyre

Ran by: Christine Rigby.


Odin's Pyre - Faith and fury on a Dark Age battlefield. Odin's Pyre is a 28mm skirmish game set in the dark ages of England. A small warband of Viking warriors led by Arild Gunnarson raid a small settlement near the east coast of England. The local Jarl Valgard gathers what men he can and even the pious Brother Cuthbert dons his armour yet again to face off against the fearsome invaders.

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Game: Cupcake Wars

Ran by: Cozzmic Cakes

Game: Sweep and Clear Deck 69

Ran by: Leicester Phat Cats


Pockets of resistance still dwell within the ship, a forward assault element has been dispatched to clear out the survivours....... 30K Zone Mortalis with a twist....


Game: Guild Ball

Ran by: Retford Wyverns Gaming Club


Game: War & Empire - 15mm

Ran by: Forged In Battle


Brand new modern ancient tapletop wargame. Ever wanted to play ancients, but never knew where to begin? War & Empire is fun, quick and ticks all the boxes for both new players & folks who have been playing ancients for a while and fancy a game that can be played in one evening.


Game: The Berlin Handicap Strikes - 20mm

Ran by: Rotherham Wargames Society


20mm WWII It is the end of April 1945 and Russian forces are fighting their way through the ruins of the German capital against a last-ditch defence. Panzerfausts and snipers lurk in every building. The end is near, but one big prize remains to be taken in the person of Adolf Hitler himself, hidden in his bunker within the city. Imagine the acclaim which awaits the Russian officer who captures the German leader! So, the race is on! The winner will be the first player to fight his way through the defenders of Berlin to reach the fuhrerbunker.


Game: Kings of War Vanguard - 28mm

Ran by: Chesterfield Open Gaming Society


The new 28mm Fantasy Skirmish from Mantic Games.


Game: Discworld Witch Racing

Ran by: Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club


Witches on broomsticks racing around a model of the Unseen University from Terry Prachetts Discworld. 28mm figures.



Game: A Bridge Too Far - 15mm

Ran by: Sheffield Wargames Society and Wargame Developments


A Bridge Too Far is a short (c10 minutes) simple participation game for one player about the advance of XXX Corps as part of Operation Market Garden in September 1944. XXX Corps is represented by a 15mm Sherman, the bridge at Arnhem is 1:300 scale.


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Game: Mortal Gods - 28mm

Ran by: War Banner


Greece has proven her might and the forces of the vast Persian Empire have been repulsed. Each City-State believes it played a key part in the victory and this new found pride has brought about rivalry, greed and conflict.


Game: Gangs of Rome - 28mm

Ran by: War Banner


As a Dominus, the head of a house of Rome, you will seek out the most brutal of Romes criminal denizens, plying them with the promise of wealth and glory should they aid you in your plan to rise to the Senate of Rome and cast down all enemies before you.


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Game: Krowd Funder

Ran by: River Horse Games


In this fast-paced card game, you’ll compete with your friends to launch the best crowdfunded campaign ever! Choose your video, pledge, buzz, stretch goal, and add-on cards carefully, then snap up the best audience possible to make a success of your campaign!



Game: Sixgun Showdown

Ran by: Redwell Games





Ran by: Redwell Games





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Game: Warhammer Champions

Game: Lightseekers Kindred

Ran by: Play Fusion

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