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Traders will shortly be invited to CHILLCON 18, here is a list of traders from 2017:


Ainsty Castings

Asylum Wargaming


Colonel Bills

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio

Cozzmic Cakes

Cosy Dice

Dark Ops

Daruma (SLA)

Dave Lanchester Books

Forged In Battle

Four A miniatures

Fox Box

Matt Slade, Glenbrook Games Painting Service

KR Multicase

Lasercut Architect

Leven Miniatures

Mantic Games

Northumbrian Tin Soldier

Oathsworn miniatures

PE2 Collectables

Pig Iron Productions

Saddle-Goose Designs

Second Thunder

Turncoat Games

Warlord Games

Warploque Miniatures

West Wind Productions

White Dragon Miniatures

Word Forge Games